Epiphany Explorations cancelled for 2018

Epiphany Explorations cancelled for 2018

Epiphany Explorations has been cancelled for 2018. The decision, which applies only to 2018, was made after discussions of First Met's Epiphany Explorations Focus Group to allow time for review and reflection, to give a reprieve to hardworking volunteers and in recognition that such events take a great deal of time to organize.

Epiphany Explorations is a yearly conference organized by First Met and held over several days in January for more than a dozen years. Participants come from across the country to hear a thought provoking, challenging, informative and talented range of speakers, presenters and musicians.

At the initial gathering of the Epiphany Explorations Focus Group we spent time considering a variety of possibilities for the future of EE, including:

  • has EE lived its life and should it be put to rest
  • might we move to a bi-annual event
  • could we eliminate the large event and do a few smaller lecture/workshops throughout the year
  • what's the purpose of EE: outreach, education, fund raising ...
  • could we co-sponsor with other congregations/denominations
  • could we co-sponsor with BC Conference

While no final decisions are being made at this time, through a straw poll of those in attendance, two unanimous considerations were made.

1. To cancel Epiphany Explorations for 2018. This was in recognition that there is too little time to organize and execute a worthwhile event (most speakers need to be booked 1-2 years in advance). It will give a bit of a reprieve to the volunteers who have been working so hard over the past years. It will allow the congregation a little more time to discern if this event still fits with our Mission and Vision.

2. To have further discussion with BC Conference representatives and hear what co-sponsoring with them might look like.

To fulfill the request of the second vote, Treena Duncan and Rhian Walker of BC Conference's Leader Shift program will be coming to First Met at a date to be determined to meet with all who are interested in a conversation about co-sponsoring EE. They will bring both their ideas and their listening ears to this meeting and hope to answer any questions we may have about this possibility.