The Redevelopment Task Group (RTG) was established in 2010 following an engineering consulting firm's comprehensive assessment of all church buildings. The general role of the RTG is to examine redevelopment of church buildings to meet the future needs of the congregation and broader community, is based on our core values and is mission and financially sound.

Purpose of the RTG

To ensure that First Metropolitan has sufficient and suitable space from which it can deliver programs in a cost effective manner and support Church operations well into the future, the RTG has two primary objectives:

  • Explore and evaluate various development opportunities for First Met properties

  • Recommend a Master Development Plan

Congregational Updates

Sept 2017

March 2017

Dec 2016

Redevelopment Task Group members:

Ross Breckon, Paul Jenkins (Co-chairs)

Linden Holmen, David Bray, Kathy Cook, Steve Gray, Cullen Morton (Building Supervisor), Mike McAuley (Presbytery rep)


For information and updates on First Met's transition process currently under way, see Transition.