The founders of the United Church of Canada believed that ours is a living faith expressed not only in ministry but also in mission in and with the world. This is expressed in First Met's commitment to be a Centre for Spiritual Growth and Community Engagement. That means lending a hand where needed but it also means seeking economic and social justice for all members of our community, caring for our planet, reconciling with our Aboriginal neighbours many of whom bear the scars of abuse suffered in residential schools run by our church and others, advocating for peace, health and human rights.

First Met Outreach activities include:

  • participation in ecumenical faith-based groups concerned with social justice, including KAIROS and Aboriginal Neighbours
  • organizing events to promote awareness of the issues around climate change and other environmental concerns. See the Events page for upcoming activities
  •  participation in events related to reconciliation with First Nations such as hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, bringing speakers to First Met on First Nations issues
  • advocacy on behalf of those affected by human rights abuses 

Other Outreach Programs:

Refugee Sponsorship