First Met Facility Letting

Is your community group looking for one or more rooms to use for a special occasion or on a regular basis? First Metropolitan United Church has rooms available during the week and on weekends, to suit concerts, meetings, speakers, education events, rehearsals, weddings, memorial services, dining events, workshops and other gatherings. We have a range of spaces available to support individuals and families in the important transitions in life as well as meeting the needs of nonprofit community groups.

Church policies now permit wine, beer and cider to be served provided that you have obtained a special occasion permit, purchased liability insurance and meet the requirements of the Liquor Licensing Branch.

Please see our Facilities page for room details. There is a reasonable letting fee to cover costs of custodians and utilities, etc.

Bookings & Inquiries:

Contact Sharon: (250) 388-5188 ext 221

Live Streaming
First Met is the only space to offer live streaming and recording in Victoria. In our sanctuary, we are able to videotape or live stream your event to friends, family members and/or audiences around the world. They can watch the event in real time as it takes place, and we can also burn DVDs to watch later and keep for yourself. We use two cameras (to capture both wide angles and close ups for a lifelike viewing experience) and can incorporate PowerPoint visuals or video in the stream.

We live stream every Sunday 11 a.m. service and have live streamed musical concerts like bands and choirs, workshops, speakers, memorial services, and notably our annual four-day conference, Epiphany Explorations.

We now also offer live streaming to senior’s residences. Any event we are streaming can be brought to your senior’s residence; we provide the expertise. If you have a laptop, projector, and screen, as well as a staff person and resident to be a liaison with our Live Stream team, please contact Sharon in the church office for more information.