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A message from the North Park Neighbourhood Association (Sarah Murray, Executive Director):

 “We are very grateful to First Met Church for your generousity both in the donation of space, as well as the produce and treats donated by congregation members and the Evolving Church group. The grocery Hamper program relies on both donated items as well as staples purchased with grant funding. The grocery hamper program thanks Cobb’s bakery weekly bread donations and the Foodshare network for produce and non-perishables."

First Met is pleased to be partnering with the North Park Neighbourhood Association on a weekly grocery hamper program on Thursdays.

[See link here for further information and how to register]

Volunteer drivers are needed to help with the program - see the information below on being a volunteer for details.

This program provides weekly grocery hampers made up of donated and purchased produce, dairy, eggs, bread and non-perishables and distributes them to about 75 households throughout North Park and downtown with the help of amazing volunteers. The above photo shows sample hampers from a typical day.

Financial contributions may be made to the Finance Office - for a tax receipt, please note that is for the Evolving Church Team

See our video below:

Click here for information on being a volunteer.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer to support this project, please email Sarah Murray or call 613-888-2106.