This event has already occurred
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Please Note: This event has been cancelled and will be held at a later date.

Join us in the First Met Chapel off Balmoral Road and help us reduce the debt for the roof with our Silent Auction of Fine Things, a First Met stewardship project. There is something for everyone!

March 28: 9 am - 5 pm

March 29: 10 am - 1 pm 

Cash, credit or debit card accepted.

You can check it out and see how the bidding is going after the Sunday, March 29, church service.  If you are the winning bidder at 1:00 pm you can pay and take your item home.

The congregation is invited to donate a “fine thing” or things, such as paintings, vases, objets d’ art, unused gifts, jewelry, small appliances, rugs or small furniture. A “fine thing” could be the donation of your time, skills or talents in the form of art lessons, a special dinner, pie making, or an experience such as a cabin retreat.

We need the donation of your time to prepare and present the event The tasks required include receiving the items, monitoring the tables during the auction, providing security or refreshments,
set up and clean up.

And of course we need customers! Bring your friends and family! We have a place for everyone wanting to participate in this fun event.

Call Niki Sacoutis (250) 220-5341 or Arlene Anderson (250) 727-7388 if you have questions or need items picked up.

We regret we cannot accept the following items:
Royal Doulton figurines
Collectible or commemorative plates
Cups and saucers
Toys, except antique or new
China sets unless complete

Note: Set up for the auction will take place March 26 and 27.

Experienced appraisers will evaluate all donated items on March 26-27 when you drop them off in the Chapel. For more valuable items you will have the opportunity to:

  •  Provide a minimum bid. In the event the bid is not met or no bids are made, you may designate whether the item be returned to you or left for the committee to sell or donate.
  • Valuable items are eligible for a tax receipt. If a tax receipt is to be provided, the item becomes the property of the church.

The following will need to be provided:

  • The name and address of the donor with description of item and a copy of the appraised value.
  • A form to complete will be provided for these purposes at the time of drop off.