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Join us at 11 am in the Sanctuary or online via livestream for our Sunday worship series Sacred Earth, Sacred Work. Masks are recommended for those in attendance. For those who do not wish to wear masks, we recommend you sit in the balcony. Please do not attend services if you are sick or feel unwell.

We also invite you to our online coffee time at 1 pm.

What if we lived life truly connected to the origins of Creation and the Creator? In the beginning God created all things and called them  originally “good.” The Universe and all life within it, including us, is fundamentally a blessing, fundamentally good, and created to flourish. 

This doesn’t prevent us from experiencing hardship and difficulties, but it does strengthen us as we go through tough times. This is the message of Matthew Fox’s book Original Blessing which revived the tradition of  Creation spirituality, the inspiration for this series.

It is through the work of spiritual practice that we move beyond fear and resistance to challenge and discover our deep and true selves. The  spiritual journey can be understood as a dance moving in and out of four  mystical paths, each with their own gifts. These paths are ‘awe and wonder’, ‘letting go’, ‘creativity’, and ‘compassion and justice.’

Made in the image of the Creator, every one of us carries within us the capacity to be a mystic, to be creative, to be visionary, and to promote and be a part of positive change throughout our community and the rest of the world. 

We must try our best to benefit the Earth and all the creatures that live in it. Following Creation Spirituality we rejoice in and courageously honor the rich diversity around us which is expressed in every individual and embodies multiple cultures, religions, and ancestral traditions. We acknowledge that our species and the entire earth community depends upon the healing of harm already done, moving toward sustainability for the future, and harmony that offers life-giving coexistence for all.

Aug. 7: Week 1 “Creation as Blessing” How might moving through our days with an eye for recognizing goodness and blessing transform our experience of life?

Aug. 14: Week 2 “Spirit of Compassion” What practices in your  life draw you closer to your true essence and closer to compassion for others?

Aug 21: Week 3 “The Paths of Life” Can we accept the Holy  invitation to move fully into all the rhythms of life?

Aug. 28: Week 4 “Sacred Creative Vocation” What are we creating in this world that will 
cause positive ripples into the future?

Sept. 4: Week 5 “Glorious Diversity”  What do we lose when we privilege dominant voices  and limit perspectives?

Anthems by the Sanctuary Choir and other musical gifts are available here.

Creating God, You who spun the galaxies and breathed into us the breath of life,
Open us to an awareness of the life coursing through us that is connected to all creation so that 
we might become more tuned in to your life force, feeling more vitality in our lives,
and more loving towards all. We praise you as the One in whom we have life and being.

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