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We will return to weekly in-person services Aug. 8, (due to scheduling needs the Aug. 1 service has been recorded). Greeters will be available at the doors on Sundays (the North Park door and parking lot will be open). Please wear a mask until seated. Singing is allowed. Social distancing will be maintained. The south balcony (on the Balmoral Rd. side) is being reserved for those who want to maintain minimal contact with others while attending services.

Services are also available via livestream.

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Welcome to our summer worship series Beguiled by Beauty: Cultivating a Life of Contemplation & Compassion, resources created by the Worship Design Studio. Join us online or in person over seven Sundays at 11 am, from July 11 to August 22. Worship with us as we explore beauty, sacred worth, the beauty and resilience of the natural world, contemplation and radical compassion. To view the services, see our Livestream or YouTube pages.

We encourage you to make a sanctuary space in your home to focus your attention during online worship services. This could include candles, bells or any items that enhance your personal connection with the holy. For an overview of the entire series, how you can prepare at home and questions for discussion and thought, please click here

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July 11: Beauty, Contemplation, and Radical Compassion - “Water is life. Water your life so you can water other life… for the beauty of the earth.” 

July 18: We Are Made for the Beloved - “Your very essence is warmed by the presence of divine love. Be reminded to offer that warmth to others… for the beauty of the earth.” 

July 25: Awakening to Beauty, Falling in Love with the World - “Find beauty within the imperfections of life and accept peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay. Be reminded to offer grace for imperfections… for the beauty of the earth.” 

Aug. 1: Abyss, Mystery, and Wonder - “The more we know, the more we know we don’t know. Wonder and awe that leads to care of creation is good… for the beauty of the earth.” Service recorded

Order of Service

Aug 8: The Beauty of a World Without a Why - “Look at you! So beautiful, Dearest. So beautiful. Believe this voice of the Divine Lover… for the beauty of the earth.” Weekly services begin with attendance

Aug. 15:  From Beauty to Compassion and Justice - “A contemplative life can empty us and ready us to become instruments of the Good.… for the beauty of the earth.” Live weekly service with attendance

Aug: 22: Communion  Live service with attendance. 

NOTE: Please bring bread/crackers and juice for yourself or to share with your family. A limited number of prepackaged communion kits will be available. If attending via livestream, please have communion elements beside you for the service.