Choral Recordings

Recordings of the anthems from Sunday services as well as other musical works played during events and concerts.

We are pleased to offer a selection of anthems by the Sanctuary Choir from recent Sunday services. These selections and special Musical Gifts by our bursary students and others are also available on our YouTube page. 

Anthems and special Musical Gifts

Musical Gift: July 31 Goin' Home (Kelly Charlton)

Musical Gift: Aug. 7 Mazurka in G minor (Mary Byrne, flute)

Musical Gift: Aug. 14 (Bambie Maree, piano)

Musical Gift: Aug. 21 Your Word is a Lamp (Amber Dayton, piano)

Anthem: Nov. 6 Remembrance Day, In Flanders Fields (S. Chatman)

Anthem: Nov. 20 Jesus talked to children

Anthem: Nov. 27 - You Will Set Us Free  (K. Powell) [Russell Bajer, oboe]

Anthem: Dec. 4 - Sleepers Awake   (Larson)

Anthem: Dec. 11 - Every Valley (J.N. Beck)

Anthem: Dec. 18 -  People Look East (J. Leavitt)

Anthem: Jan. 8, 2023 Epiphany Sunday - You Came Down

Anthem: Jan. 22 - Heaven and Earth  (J.L. Bell)

Anthem: Jan. 29 - The Gift of Love (Hopson)

Anthem: Feb.5 -  Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen)