Spiritual Tool Kit

Join Lead Minister Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon and others for a special Spiritual Tool Kit service, with music, words of inspiration and a children's story, available on our YouTube page.  Click here to access the special service.

Daily prayers: A series of prayers by Rev. Allan Saunders, First Met Minister Emeritus, to help with the stress of the times. See link at left or click here.

National Prayer for Canada, composed by leaders of the Jewish, Anglican and Indigenous communities. For specific use Tuesday, March 31, at 12 noon PDT but applicable any time. (Thanks to Pacific Mountain Region) 

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Emmaus community and Abbey Church (Victoria) morning prayer: weekdays 7:45-8:15 am/weekends 9-9:30 am (with Rev. Rob Crosby-Shearing)


and/or dial in +1 778 907 2071 Meeting ID: 188 930 420

For links to Mindfulness programs, Yoga Chapel (on-line yoga by former First Met congregant and guest preacher Bethel Lee), Family Caregivers of BC, see our Health and Wellness ministry page.

For links to special prayers, poetry, the Moderator's prayer and other prayers from the First Met Prayer Connection team, movie suggestions and other helpful information see our News pages.

Psalm 23

A message from Lead Minister Shelagh MacKinnon:

During this time of confusion and uncertainty, please remember that our Church is many things: we are a spiritual centre, and our Prayer team is just one area of that being expressed. We use the phrase of Faith Community or a Community of Communities, to re-iterate that we are not required to agree on everything in order to be a fully included member of this community. Our diversity is a great strength!


We are a support group, here for each other. The dozens of phone calls that have connected people almost daily have expressed that critically important care for each other. We remember those in Long Term Care Homes, even when we are not touching them physically. The Visitors Team are visiting in all the other ways imaginable. We are blessed to live in a time when we have access to such things as email, Facebook, Skype, Messenger - these are very viable ways to stay in touch with each other, and to even hold virtual coffee brunches. If there is someone who needs a call, please send me a note at [email protected].

We are searching for more ways to support each other to deal with this pandemic situation. I hope to encourage each of you to social distance yourself (is that even an English phrase?), wash your hands lots because this virus sounds like it is a tough one, and together we can protect our seniors and those who are more vulnerable!

I am so grateful to our Board, our staff team, and the Pacific Mountain Region’s leadership as we all seek to stay safe…

God bless each one, and thank you