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First Met welcomed Joanne Linka from the Cridge Centre for the Family on Sunday, July 21, as we celebrated Christmas in July - or 'Knitmas' - introducing an adopt-a-sweater campaign for Cridge Centre families. The campaign is organized by the First Met Knitting Group. The Knitters sold “Adopt-A-Sweater" certificates designed by David Clark for $10.00. These “sweater certificates” will pay for the purchase of yarn and buttons.

If you wish to make an Adopt-A-Sweater donation for yarn and buttons, please see Joan Mickleson or Shirley Chatfield any time in the next couple of weeks. 

Above: the Sweater Tree for "Knitmas"

 The Knitting Group's 'adopt-a-sweater' table

 Cake celebrating "Knitmas" with the Cridge Centre's Joanne Linka, left, and Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon, right. 

The cake in close up!


(Photos by Moira Nasim)