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If you are able to donate handmade masks, please bring them to the church office during business hours.

Please do not come to the church if you are sick.

Over the summer on the Sundays when a church service was being recorded in the Sanctuary, a few congregants with their own mode of transportation but without computers have been invited to be the silent “audience”. Starting this month, the church service attendance program is being expanded.

Because there is no fair way to invite people without leaving someone out and because no one wants to be turned away at the door, a 'first-come, first-serve' online registration system has been set up for congregants wishing to reserve a spot at the services they wish to attend.

Click the links below to access the online registration system of the service you wish to attend:

The online registration system also provides a reminder of which service you booked. For those without computers, you can phone 250-388-5188 extension 224 to reserve your spot.

You can reserve your spot for any of the following Sundays:

Recording Date            Maximum Numbers         What’s On

September 27, 11 am          30                          2 services being recorded

October 4, 11 am                30                          Thanksgiving Sunday and Communion

October 18, 11 am              40                           2 services being recorded

November 8, 11 am            40                           Remembrance Day Sunday

November 15, 11 am           20                          Rev. Shelagh MacKinnon - 40 years since Ordination