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 Congregational message from Lead Minister Shelagh MacKinnon, June 13

Greetings at Midsummer!

This message comes to you with the information pertaining to this past Sunday’s congregational meeting on amalgamating with Broad View United. YES! The vote was almost unanimous to say yes! There was a robust attendance here and on Zoom. Thank you to so many who worked behind the scenes to make that meeting work! 

This is such an important time in the life of First Metropolitan United Church as we dream of possibilities with our neighbours at Broad View United. There is still work to be done as the Pacific Mountain Region has to review all our documents. They are the ultimate decision makers. The Reverends Beth Walker and Gail Miller attended our meeting on behalf of the Region.

There are mixed emotions, of course, at a time such as this. In the weeks that follow we will have time to celebrate all many facets of life we have been blessed with here at the corner of Quadra and Balmoral. Have you volunteered to be recorded for our video project? I surely wish you would be!

I want to re-iterate that there is no decision about the building at this time. As soon as we get any word from Treena Duncan, at Pacific Mountain Region, we will share it broadly and quickly. Until then, thank you for your supportive prayers and intentions. We will continue to have our townhall Zoom meetings and use every chance to keep people connected to what is going on!

The BBQ today was just terrific! Thanks to Kyla, Kathy and the fabulous volunteers. Maybe you will join us next month? For all your questions, ideas and support, expressed in many ways, I am grateful.