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Tammy Lindahl is leaving her position in  Bella Coola on August 21 and returning to Victoria. She is deeply loved and has helped so many in her ministry. We at First Met are delighted to partner with the Bella Coola United churches of Augsburg and Emmanuel  to raise funds for a donation to the Bella Coola General Hospital in her name. On reflection,  as palliative care  has been her passion and a large part of her career, Tammy’s wish is to refurbish the palliative care room in the hospital and provide some resources for those dealing with grief and end of life issues. The donation will also fund a commemorative plaque honouring Tammy.

Please help us by making a donation to First Met with the words "Tammy Lindahl Fund" in the memo line. The church accepts donations by cheque, e-transfer or cash. If making your donation in person at the church office, credit card payments are also accepted. Together we are hoping to raise $3,000 that will be accounted for by the  Bella Coola Hospital Program Manager. For more information, please contact Alva Jenson at 778-265-4198.

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