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We can't emphasize enough - watch for scams, particularly by email and by telephone.

One of the longest running schemes is the so-called "grandparent" scam, commonly targeting seniors: Grandparent scams (also called grandchild scams) usually involve a phone call from someone who pretends to be your grandchild or is calling on behalf of a grandchild. If you get a call like this, be prepared: the scammer may already know your grandchild’s name and what your grandchild calls you (for example, a nickname like Grandma or Nana).

Acting as your grandchild, the scammer claims to be in trouble and asks for help. The scammer may try to convince you that your grandchild was in a car accident, has been arrested or is some other sort of trouble and needs money right away. You may even be asked to wire money, without telling anyone.

The BC government has advice if you get such a call. Click here for information

And, the "needing a favour" email scam is still around, purportedly coming from someone saying they need a favour and asking you to reply. Do not respond to these emails, they are not legitimate.