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First Met has posted 215 red ribbons on the church's doors and along the Quadra and Balmoral fences to mark our sorrow at the discovery of suspected graves at the former residential school in Kamloops. And we have noted on our Quadra Street sign that "Every Child Matters." (Thanks to Janet Gray, Clare Lowery and Shelagh MacKinnon for the ribbons)

See our video below "Grieving the 215 children:"

First Met's bell was tolled 215 times on Wednesday, June 2, in memory of each child. Members of the Sunday School rang the bell 215 times at noon June 6 and will ring them again on June 20 to mark the Indigenous Day of Prayer.

First Met encourages people seeking action or wishing to comment to write individual letters, rather than using a form letter, to Canada's politicial leaders.

Click here for a list of people to whom such letters should be sent