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"When we talk about the resurgence of ancestral knowledge and practices, no one typically pictures a gleaming zucchini or a tomato plant listing under the weight of its fruit." - Jess Housty, Bella Bella

First Met received a request from a church member in 2017 to help support a garden project in Bella Bella in the wake of a fuel spill which threatened the First Nations community's marine harvest. Jess Housty, a community development worker in Bella Bella, spearheaded the garden project through  her local non-profit which had been running a gardening and food self-sufficiency program in the area.

Seed companies made donations, building materials were available and funds were raised to hire local people to help with cleaning the site and assembling planters. Soil had to be brought in and tools purchased. First Met contributed about $250 to the project through its Outreach ministry while individual church members donated on their own.  

Jess Housty is the niece of First Met member Wilma Housty. She has written an article on her people's renewed interest and ancestral connection to gardening in the winter 2018 issue of Concrete Garden magazine. To read the article, click here.