Joan Mason
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 The First Metropolitan United Church Board has recently approved a request from the AbbeyChurch to rent our Sanctuary for their weekly worship service which is held Sundays between 4:00pm – 6:00pm as well as an office for their ministers to use throughout the week. This arrangement will begin in August 2022.

The AbbeyChurch is one of the ministries of the Emmaus Community. In their own words

“The Emmaus Community is a Neo-Monastic community whose recognition of Christ in our midst leads us to walk the Way of love through prayer, simplicity and presence with each other and in our neighbourhood. By 'new monastic' or 'neo-monastic' we mean that we draw on the ancient wisdom of the Christian monastic traditions - even as we live ordinary lives.”

The Emmaus Community is a shared ministry of The Anglican Church of Canada - Diocese of BC and The United Church of Canada - Pacific Mountain Region. For more information, check out the Emmaus Community and the AbbeyChurch websites.