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As the news about COVID 19 seems to grow ever more dire, and as cases on Vancouver Island start to increase, let us likewise increase our prayers:

As First Met cancels its “in person" worship services, and many weekday activities, and as seniors, and those with underlying health conditions are urged to avoid all unnecessary contact with others, we pray for those in our congregation who are at risk for social isolation, and in need of practical assistance, and pray we will find new ways to connect with and support each other.

We pray for all FMUC staff, that they will remain healthy. We pray particularly for Shelagh and Betty Anne, who will be stretched to meet the spiritual care needs of congregants who are sick.

We pray for all those who now have the virus, and for all the people who are vulnerable if they catch it - the elderly and the immunocompromised, particularly at FMUC and among their extended families.

We pray for al those FMUC members living in congregate care.

We pray for all those who are afraid.

We pray for young families who are left scrambling to find child care, as schools, and day-care centres shut down. Also for families further afield where everyone is in lock-down, unable to even take the kids outside.

For the ever-increasing number who are losing their sources of income as businesses shut down or lay off workers.

For safety, health and stamina for all health care workers on the front lines.

For discernment for public health officers and governments, that they may make wise decisions.

(Try pausing at the end of each section, and let names come to mind of people you know who fit into that category, and lift them up in prayer.)

So, let us pray, pray, pray, without ceasing…

(Anne Sikstrom, Prayer Connections Team)

A way to pray: Breath Communion  (from David Benner, “Soulful Spirituality” p.103)
“The ancient Sanskrit word for breath is atman. It means the “in-dwelling God”… Prayerfully making each breath an act of drawing God in and then breathing God out onto the world is an ancient Christian practice. Sometimes this has been called breath communion  because just as Christians open themselves to God through eating and drinking in the eucharistic communion, so too each breath provides an opportunity to receive God."
Blessings to each one of you.