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Residents in BC will receive a $100 credit in December on their BC Hydro bill from the provincial government to help offset higher costs of living. Please consider turning your $100 credit into a $100 donation tax credit to the North Park Manor Society.

North Park Manor operates one of Victoria's largest rent-geared-to-income buildings for seniors. These residents won't receive this per household credit and BC Housing subsidies are insufficient to offset rising operating and maintenance costs paid for by North Park Manor.

If 1,000 people donate their $100 credit, $100,000 would go to the North Park Manor Society! North Park Manor tenants pay 30% of their gross income as rent, no matter what their income. North Park Manor provides a bright, clean bachelor or one-bedroom unit in a safe, secure, community-oriented building where they are protected from cost of living increases and the commodification of housing.

If you're interested, when you receive your BC Hydro credit click here to donate today to learn more and to donate directly to the North Park Manor Society.

NOTE:  This fundraiser will be open until March 1, 2023.