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"I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than live in the tents of wickedness." - Psalm 84:10

The church is looking forward to Phase 2 of Reopening on Sept. 13 if BC health guidelines allow and we are seeking volunteer "Welcome Attendants" to help make that happen.

All outside doors are currently locked during the pandemic and everyone must enter through the Balmoral entrance and must telephone or ring for entry. Answering the door is a great deal of work for our staff, especially the custodian, and this will be even more onerous when more people are entering the building - and a locked door is not very welcoming. 

We need volunteer Welcome Attendants to answer the door, make sure visitors read the COVID protocol sign, and guide them through the handwashing and sign-in process. If you could do this a couple of hours a week, please email Edeana Malcolm or phone (250) 412-7682.

Please do not consider this if you have underlying medical conditions, weakened immune systems or have vulnerable family members at home. 

A brief training session and a face shield will be provided.