Joan Mason

This is an important notice for the Congregation and friends of First Met.   An underground sprinkler replacement is planned at Balmoral Gardens; during this time our regular underground parkers only will be accommodated above ground in the North Park lot. The availability of above ground parking in the North Park lot for the congregation, church groups guests and friends will be eliminated during business hours Monday to Friday for approximately 4 weeks. We do not yet have a start date for this project but expect it to commence sometime in July. This will create a very high demand on the spaces on Balmoral. It is imperative that if you do park in the front lot on Balmoral, you register your car on the clipboard in the hall.   We recommend that you plan to park off site.  Church staff will be taking the bus, walking, or cycling at this time. It will take extra time to find alternative parking, please plan your visit here accordingly. This is a Health and Safety project and while it may be temporarily inconvenient, it is required Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.