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For those of you who experienced the July 12 difficulties with the Livestream. We are so sorry!! We know it is as frustrating as the olden days with rabbit ears, and we do apologize. Thank you to those who took the time to write in the chat box during the service, and those who emailed and texted me later. I so appreciate your reaching out and really do understand our shared frustration with the technology.

Will you give us another chance? Everything worked for the July 19 service and we honestly think we are good to go for this coming Sunday. I hope and pray you will continue to call, text and write to let us all know how we are doing. Without feedback from you all, we can feel like it’s a lonely place. Thanks again.

Like you, I am concerned when I look south of the border and pray for our friends and family who live in America. The people of India, Latin and South America are facing the worst situation, and I am glad to share that the United Church has sent money to local agencies in many locations to help fight the pandemic.

When we sent donations along in the winter, we had no idea where they would be needed. Along with the church leaders, I am grateful to everyone who is able to support this Mission and Service outreach with their financial gifts. We can all afford prayer time to support the workers and the victims. Thanks.

I am learning to use two new words: Staycation and Nearcation!! I hope you are getting a chance to see some roses in their finest blooms. Drive by the Quadra Street Garden and you will see how beautiful that space looks. The chair yoga folks were out there while we were trying to cope with the technology last week, and it was good to see them our there. Thanks Larry, our gardener, and Elaine, our Yogi!

We also have a new volunteer opportunity "Welcome Attendants" if you are interested and able.  We need volunteer Welcome Attendants to answer the door, make sure visitors read the COVID protocol sign, and guide them through the handwashing and sign-in process.  If you could do this for a couple of hours a week, please contact Edeana Malcolm with your contact information.  Please do not consider this if you have underlying medical conditons, weakened immune systems or have vulnerable family members at home. 

God bless your hearts and stay safe, kind and be compassionate to yourself!