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The Church Board has amended Phase 2 of the First Metropolitan United Church Reopening to a New Normal plan to update COVID-19 safety procedures. Every organization in BC is encouraged by Dr. Bonnie Henry to have a safety plan, which at First Met we call a reopening plan. These are the rules First Met lives by to prevent COVID-19 from entering our building and infecting our staff, volunteers, congregants and visitors.   

Click here for the latest Plan update.

The over-arching principle is to go slow, not take any undue risks and make sure any risks are outweighed by the benefit. 

Under Phase 2, and depending on guidance from the BC Public Health Office, worship and activities can resume in church buildings, with social distancing and masks where social distancing is not possible. Tenants continue to operate and have priority over rental groups for rooms. Rental groups can return with some restrictions. Booked rooms are unlocked only once the group organizer arrives.

Regardless of the activity, all outside doors of the church remain locked. Rooms are booked with at least two hours between bookings to allow for cleaning and sanitizing.

All bookings must go through the church office to avoid double-booking and ensure adequate time between bookings for cleaning.

Allow extra time for any activity, try not to plan too far ahead and - please - have patience!