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July is Our Place Month at Bottle Depot! Drop off your returnables this July at Glanford Ave., Queens Ave., Downtown Victoria and Quadra St Bottle Depot Charity Bin locations and 100% of the refund will go to help Our Place. Every bottle counts, as Covid restrictions ease and we are able to move more of our services back into the building at our 919 Pandora location.

During the pandemic we have been serving our street family in new ways, including taking on management of housing at the former Comfort Inn, serving meals outdoors and bringing a shower trailer into our courtyard as well as continuing to provide Outreach, Paramedic and Spiritual Care services outside our building.

Our dining room has now re-opened with limited seating, along with our showers inside the building. We are grateful for your support and prayers as we move carefully into resuming more inside services for our family members: