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Linda Hallett is a former First Met congregant, active in the group Grandmothers for Africa. Linda was back at First Met in Februry, just before departing for Rwanda.

She sent the following note. 

 "Here at last! What a beautiful country Rwanda is. It was a long and challenging journey with three flights and no sleep for 26 hours. Once I had a good night’s sleep the exploring began. Today I visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Even though I have been told the history many times over the last 28 plus years, nothing prepares you. The genocide occurred in April, 1994. Over one million Tutsi were massacred in 100 days.

At this beautiful memorial they have buried 250.000 victims. So many others never found. I implore you to read the history, to know how the colonizers planted hate where neighbours lived once in harmony. They created two groups. They said if you had 10 cows you were Tutsi, if not then you are Hutu. Tutsis were believed to be smarter and better. This created such hatred, and this helped create unthinkable horror. Beyond my comprehension. Sadly, it is still happening even today in other parts of the world ..."

Click here to read Linda's full note. 

[Photos: Above: Flag of Rwanda. Below: Memorial to victims of 1994 genocide in Rwanda]