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 Saturday, August 14, was a shattering day for the Haitian people. A devastating earthquake struck that morning, destroying homes, community buildings, and hospitals. Haitians and the international community are desperately racing to rescue survivors trapped under the rubble. But the number of deaths and the extent of the destruction are both increasing. And Tropical Storm Grace hit Haiti on August 16, making an already bad situation even worse.
We are so grateful for the generous gifts that your congregation has already made to support the Haitian people both during this crisis and during past catastrophes. But this crisis requires a quick and compassionate response.
The United Church of Canada is in contact with local Mission & Service partners in Haiti, who are already on the ground in the areas where the damage is the worst. They are already providing emergency shelter, clean water, and food, and as the immediate crisis ends, they will be providing support for rebuilding homes and businesses and helping survivors deal with the trauma and tragedy.
You can help by making your own gift today. 

A prayer for the people of Haiti

The donation page is at Please indicate First Metropolitan United Church so the donation will be added to the church’s Mission & Service total.