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First Met takes pride in its lay leadership for prayer, whether it be through the Prayer Connection program or regular Sunday worship. Prayer is not just a matter for Sundays; prayer can also be done at home between worship services. 

First Met member Vreny Mathis shared her Prayer for the People given Thanksgiving Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018 at the 9 a.m. service in the Chapel (pictured). It's just one example of First Met's lay participation and an example of how one can pray between Sundays.

Prayer of the people - Thanksgiving

As community of faithful, we continue in prayer. Reflecting on the Holy in our lives, we give thanks for each other, for this sacred space, for the inspirations we receive, for the music enriching our celebration and for our entire church community.

Our faith community remains in transition. We hope, in grace, to forge our way forward with courage and mutual cooperation, to be true to our mission: ”To be a centre for spiritual growth and community engagement”. We keep in our prayer all those who require care and compassion, Rev. Ron Johnstone, Dennis Bartel, Jim Sanderson. We give thanks for the live of Herb Pitts, who passed away the previous week and embrace his family and friends.

With thankful hearts we acknowledge the many blessings in our lives. We are grateful for our country, its natural beauty and stable governments. For living in a society that strives to appreciate equal opportunity, fairness and inclusiveness. We rejoice in the goodwill of all those sincerely trying to make our society a better place.

We are thankful for small pleasures, a refreshing shower, our morning coffee, wholesome food, a place to call home, and, family and friends to share our blessings. We enjoy the changes of the season, the warmth of the sun, walks in the rain and the first touches of cold.

As we count our blessings our hearts go out to those in need. We hope for a better world for those coping with hardship and strive. We especially carry in our hearts the people of Indonesia who are dealing with the aftermath of unimaginable destruction.

Our local community has been fraught to overcome the plight of homelessness. We pray that all involved can work towards creative, sustainable solutions.Confident in our economic security, assured of our daily needs, we endeavor to uphold the dignity and well-being of all those who provide us with goods and services. Today’s Scripture passage calls us to above all seek God’s dominion and justice. Guided by these words may our actions and choices transform the world, to bring it closer to all it can be?

For this we pray, Amen