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Please be aware of yet another in a series of email scams seeking money from recipients by purchasing gift cards.

Some people have received email messages seeming to come from a First Met staff member asking them to urgently perform a "discreet" or "urgent" task. The message may also say the staff member is in a meeting.

Please delete this message if you receive it and do not respond - it is false and is sent from a fake address, which changes from one iteration to another. And block the email address, if you are able.

First Met does not use any address other than and does not ask for money via email or through purchasing of gift cards. If you have replied inadvertently, please do not respond further. There is no need to feel guilt by ignoring this message - it is not legitimate!

This scam has been used before and we again warn folks to beware. If you think you have been a victim of this scam, please call Victoria police at (250) 995-7654. 

Click here for information on fraud prevention - see page 8.