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What would be nicer than moving from a shelter bed or temporary room, to walking in your own space, complete with a comfortable bed, kitchen all set, and living room items and even a great book - to get started on a new life of independence?

With ongoing COVID-related restrictions in place, Our Place continues to provide nurturing, hopeful support to people experiencing homelessness and poverty in our region.

We have also stepped up to provide housing solutions for hundreds and now we manage more than eight shelter locations in our community. This spring Our Place Society, together with Victoria Cool Aid Society, have formed a unique partnership that will allow us to more effectively support folks who are moving from basic shelters in to more permanent housing. 

You can make a huge difference in helping those who are transitioning from shelters and are not equipped with the basic items we all take for granted, such as essential toiletries, dishes and bedding (please see the attached kit checklist).

Can you please help our neighbours in need as they get started on their journey to independence? As a community project, please work with us to gather full Tenant Starter Kits. When you have enough items for a kit (at least 90% of the checklist) please place in a box, luggage, backpack or other container and let Our Place know.

Our Place will pick up the kit from you and deliver right to the person moving in to their home. 

See here for checklist and instructions. For drop off or pick up information see below.