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 A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the holiday treats for the family members at the First Met Adult Shelter. Everyone was very generous with their donation of home-baked cookies, socks and cash to pay for pizza and pop on New Year’s Eve. We had so many delicious cookies donated that we had enough for Christmas Eve, Christmas day and several trays of treats for New Year’s Eve! The additional funds donated that are in excess of what was needed for the pizza dinner, about $770, will be donated to the Out of the Rain Youth Shelter. With gratitude, the Outreach team.

(Photos by Andrew Faulkner: setting up treat bags and food) 

Our sincerest gratitude, from Jeni Temple, Acting Manager of Our Place Shelters:

On behalf of the First Met family members and Our Place Society, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for thinking of us over the holiday season!

The response and feedback from the stockings on Christmas morning, to the Pizza and goodie night on New Year's Eve was extremely joyous. Everyone loved the delicious cookies, and I assure you they were eaten up rather quickly. Comments were overheard from family members such as "It's nice to know we are thought of over the holidays" and "I feel really supported this year."  Staff were told that you could "feel the magic in the air" and that "such thoughts of kindness really go a long way" as well as "this made my holiday special," while visible tears filled their eyes with appreciation.

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us into your community: for becoming our friends, and loving us by choice. 

 A quote from M.S Lowndes we would like to share, as it resonates our thoughts towards the good people of First Met Church:

We just want you to know                    

How much we appreciate you,

You've always been there, rain and shine,

Whatever we've been through

We pray that God will bless you more

In a very special way

As you have been a blessing to us,

Each and every day.

M.S Lowndes