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Thank you for being Angels!

Angel Gifts, and the personal greetings they include, can mean a lot to members of the “Our Place Family” - they show that someone is thinking about them during the Christmas season and onward into the New Year.

First Met provided 74 Angel Gifts this year and overall Our Place gave out 660 names in Victoria and surrounding areas. In addition to gifts for those named recipients, Our Place received a large number of extra gifts so the number given out would have been almost 700. The photos show the gifts at the final sorting at St. Aidan’s United Church and a panoramic view of the gifts arranged at Our Place ready to be given out. 

In addition to donors, I want to thank all the First Met staff and volunteers who helped to make this project happen: Shelagh McKinnon for her strong support of this program; office and custodial staff for assistance in a variety of ways; David Bray for email updates; Barbara Langton as communicator for the 9 a.m. service; Irene Moore and Jackie Henderson for sorting at First Met; Micia Kanstrup and Sherri Cooknell for sorting at St. Aidan’s; Joyce and Peter Clugston, and Ann Maffey for transporting gifts.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of this important program!

Penny Bond