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With the church building shut, some First Met groups are going online to keep up - self distancing hasn't stopped some 9 am worshippers from getting together (see photo above). 

For the past four weeks, a group from the 9 am worship are meeting via Zoom on Thursday mornings, both to connect with one another and to break bread in a virtual communion service. As with the congregation as a whole, we miss seeing one another and catching up with each other’s news. It is wonderful to see one another’s faces.

You have probably heard people say that we are all in the same boat. One thing that has become clear is that we might be in the same sea, but our situations are all different. Some of us are relishing the opportunity to slow down and become more reflective, some are feeling blue and lonely, some are busy with projects and volunteering, yet others miss their children and grandchildren who live far away.

We also recognize that some of us are more technically savvy than others which also affects feelings of isolation. We look for ways to connect with those who do not have computers or find the technology intimidating, through letters, cards, and phone calls. (Joan Mason) 

Other groups meeting virtually include Women's Spirituality, men's pub groups and the Caregivers Support group.