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Come celebrate the Season of Creation at First Met (Sept. 1 to Oct. 4) and experience the beautiful All Beings Confluence art panels (above) that will be hanging in the sanctuary from Sept. 11 through to Oct. 9.

Each of the more than 30 beautiful panels have been created by a different artist. These panels are a small part of a much larger collection of thousands that have been created over the past decade and are now being hosted in many countries.

The vision and seed for this bold idea came from Saskatchewan artist Martha Cole who said of the project, “I want to save the Earth, and with this work I believe that is what we are doing… Anything that moves us to a better understanding of our interconnectedness, moves us towards wholeness and the healing of the Earth.”

To explain how such a vision is possible, Cole used the metaphor: “Many drops of water eventually form a river, and rivers find the ocean, so never underestimate the power of a single drop of water, or a community with a powerful vision.”

Come and walk among the art panels as they hang in the First Met sanctuary. Each of the ten-foot sheer panels are painted with a single living being and they are all hung in relationship to each other, never alone. It is a visual representation of the web of life. Who knows what creativity will be spawned and what energy sparked from experiencing this "confluence of all beings?"