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A warning to be careful. The COVID-19 crisis has, unfortunately, given rise to several on line and email scams. Our tech people have sent this warning: “Security: We've seen a worrisome increase in hackers and phishers taking advantage of this crisis.”

Some people are getting fake messages purportedly coming from First Met staff asking for financial support. Please do not respond to these. We do not solicit financial support for any causes in this manner. 

The Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) of Canada have published an article to remind people that “It’s said that a crisis brings out the best in people and, in most cases, that’s true. But there is a dark side to tough times, as fraudsters prey on people who are uncertain and looking for easy answers.”  Their recommendations to avoid being a victim of a scammer include:

1) Strengthen your passwords

2) Review your credit card and banking transactions at least once a month for illegitimate activities

3) Shred personal documents before disposing of them

4) Know your approximate credit score (credit rating)

5) Screen your calls: Don’t answer a call or a text message if you don't recognize the number

Please stay safe physically, mentally and financially.