Our Place


image001First Metropolitan United Church is active in inner-city outreach through its sponsorship of Our Place Society. Our Place offers a sense of belonging to Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens. Our Place is affiliated with the United Church of Canada as a Community Ministry, and has a long history of support from our congregation. It has been operating from its new building at 919 Pandora Street since December 2007.

Services and Programs

OurPlaceBuildingServices and programs provided at Our Place are extensive. Transitional housing is provided to 45 residents until they can move on to more appropriate accommodations, whether it involves treatment or more independence. Meals are provided to residents and drop-in members of the inner-city family. Other services include hygiene and clothing, healthy meals and snacks, education, computer access, library, medical support, counseling, literacy, choir, advocacy, recreation and pastoral care. The approach is to provide a hand-up, not a handout and “unconditional love in a non-judgmental way.”

First Metropolitan provides both financial and volunteer support to Our Place, including leadership through the Board of Directors. Donations of clothing, food and toiletry articles are also much appreciated.

Urgent Needs at Our Place

OurPLaceHousingShare your time or goods with Our Place. Needed are men’s clothing, basic food items, toiletries and hygiene items, first-aid supplies, blankets, bus tickets, etc. Volunteers are needed to help with data entry, driving, food service, fund raising, grant writing, hygiene, reception, research, pastoral care and maintenance. Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points can be also be donated. Thank you!

More information can be obtained from the Our Place office at (250) 388-7112 or from the web site at: www.ourplacesociety.com.