Amalgamation 2023

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Amalgamation Update: September 8, 2023

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Where we are now

  • Key Updates:
    • Kyla’s Decision: After a process of personal reflection Kyla has decided to step towards a new path. This means she will not be continuing on with Broad View United
    • Broad View and FM staff are now functioning as an amalgamated staff
    • September is the transition month between First Met managing the building and the PMR taking over management on October 1. PMR Staff person Andrea McKittrick is in the first office Monday – Friday, 9:00 am-12:00, and will be helping this transition happen
    • The new date for completion of the construction at BVU is November 8
    • Details and implications of these key items are discussed below in the staff and property update sections

 Staff Update:

  • Bruce’s last day of work will be Sept. 13 and he’ll come back for a Congregational farewell and lunch on Sunday, Sept. 24. Please note this change of date! Bruce is very much looking forward to retirement and knows it will be a big adjustment. We are looking forward to thanking him for his long and dedicated service to the ministry of First Met during and after worship on Sept. 24.  Please plan to attend.
  • Kyla has let us know that she will not be moving to BVU. She wants us to know that “she has deeply appreciated her time as part of the First Met community and wishes the joint congregations a wonderful future together in this new chapter.” Kyla will be wrapping up her time with the congregation in mid-Oct.
  • Edgardo, First Met’s former casual custodian, has returned to 932 Balmoral but comes in his role as the full-time custodian of BVU.
  • Oscar is doing a great job anchoring both congregations in his now permanent position as church Administrator. He has moved into the second office, the former Finance office, and is always willing to meet and greet congregation members. On Mondays, Liane Clark will also be on-site to conduct the financial business of the church.
  • Wayne will be moving from FM employment to the custodial position for the PMR on Oct. 1. He is pleased to be continuing in his role of custodian in the building at 932 Balmoral Rd.
  • Effective Sept. 1, Mark Green and Ha Na Park began to function as the Co-Lead Ministers for all of the staff. They will chair the staff meetings and lead the program development. 
  • Shelagh will move into her new role of Minister of Pastoral Care and Transition to the people of First Met. Her sabbatical will occur sometime after Easter 2024.
  • Micia Kanstrup will smoothly transition into working with Pat McKay to provide a robust children, youth, young adult and family ministry.

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