First Met Foundation and Legacy Circle

The First Met Foundation welcomes donations, special gifts and memorials to help maintain the programs of First Metropolitan United Church and incorporates these resources into a trust. The Legacy Circle helps ensure a sustainable ministry through estate planning and bequests. 

The First Metropolitan United Church Foundation:

  • receives donations
  • holds trust funds
  • invests these funds
  • makes grants
  • assists the work of the church
Donations to the Foundation are disbursed as follows:
  • 50% goes into the trust funds and earns interest
  • 25% supports the ministries of the church
  • 25% is deposited into the Capital Projects Fund
The Foundation includes the Memorial Endowment Fund and the Memorial Stabilization Reserve. Both are "endowments" - only the interest is disbursed. Contributions thus become perpetual gifts or legacies that enable the church to extend its work beyond its general budget. Grants are made for funding initiatives on requests approved by the Foundation's directors. For minutes of Foundation meetings, please see the Church Board page.


The First Metropolitan United Church Foundation is a charity registered under the Income Tax Act and is eligible to issue official donation receipts. You may view the church's contact information and Registered Charity Information Return, which includes financial information and activites, by clicking on the name of the Foundation.  

Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle helps ensure this spiritual community is here for following generations through estate planning and bequests. For more information click here. 

Applying for Foundation Grants

Application forms are available from the Foundation. Generally, the earnings of the Memorial Endowment Fund are for initiatives such as:

The earnings of the Memorial Stabilization Reserve are available to offset church deficits.

Contributions to the Foundation

Contributions, special gifts, memorials and bequests may be mailed to the First Metropolitan United Church Foundation, 932 Balmoral Rd., Victoria, BC, V8T 1A8, or you may donate through Canada Helps.

Additional information: email Katya Rumyantseva in the church finance office or phone (250) 388-5188, ext. 224.