Volunteer with Us

First Metropolitan is committed to discerning, nurturing and celebrating the gifts of all people. We want our volunteers to be engaged in ministry which is:

  • meaningful
  • manageable
  • well-suited to their gifts and temperament and
  • life-giving to both volunteers and those who benefit from their participation

In the process, self-awareness grows, faith is deepened, lasting friendships are forged, and the moving of Spirit is acknowledged and celebrated.

See Also: Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers

“As all Christians are followers of Jesus,
So each Christian is called to ministry…
Gifts are diverse
Ministries take various forms
All are essential to the work of the church.”

From Faith Talk II – A draft statement of faith from the United Church of Canada

Volunteer Positions

  • Epiphany Explorations

    Jan 26-29, 2017
    Volunteers needed for:

    • Greeting
    • Hosts
    • Registration
    • Hospitality
    • Art Displays
    • Poster Distribution
  • Finance & Administration Committee:

    We are in need of a Stewardship Campaign Chair to lead the 2017 Pledge Campaign.
    Involvement – 4hour/week, with a commitment from Sept. 15 to Nov. 15th.

    Note that there are experienced resources in both the Finance Office & on the F&A Committee who will be assisting with the Campaign. Call Katya in the Finance Office 250-388-5188, Ex. 224 finance@firstmetvictoria.com

  • Board of Trustees

    Monitors Foundation Funds/ Investments.
    Disperses funds – for First Met programs/initiatives Needs more members – meets several times a year. Call: Irene Moore at 250-655-6628 or mimoore@telus.net.

  • Out of the Rain

    Program runs one night per week Nov-May.

    Shopper: with a car to purchase items
    Telephoner: To remind volunteers
    Soup Maker: Once or twice per season
    Baking: Cookies/muffins

  • Hospitality

    Year-round Team requires 2-3 new team members and 10-12 Hospitality Helpers providing Coffee and Refreshments.  Sign up for Sunday at least one Sunday every two months.

    Contact: Moira 250-383-0400 or at moiranasim@shaw.ca

  • Refugee Sponsorship

    Join the group that meets jointly with St. John the Divine Church every 2-3 months to sponsor two Afghan refugees to join other family members in Victoria.

  • Church Council:
    Needs both Committee & Council Leadership. Call: Irene Baddeley 250-382-1550 baddeleyvic@shaw.ca.
  • Newcomers Welcoming

    Committee Members: Meet about 8 times per year.

    Greeters: For Sunday Worship & Special Church events.

  • Become a Care Caller
    Volunteer callers are asked to:

    • Commit to a one year term, to be reviewed or renewed at that time.
    • Attend a quarterly meeting of the Care Call Ministry.
    • Keep in touch regularly – ideally once a month.
    • Be guided by confidentiality but keep a log on each of the contacts using the template provided, recording any information that is pertinent and will help in developing a good rapport with your contact.
    • Inform the Coordinator monthly of how many people were contacted.
    • Refer any concerns that require a follow up to the Minister of Spiritual Care or Parish Nurse