We have a partnership among ministry staff, administration staff and volunteer leaders to carry out our mission as a centre of spiritual growth and community engagement. The governance of the church, carried out in accordance with the bylaws of the United Church of Canada has five essential functions:
  1. Policy development and accountability
  2. Leadership development
  3. Spiritual oversight
  4. Church management
  5. Property, trusts and investments

The congregation makes decisions on matters of policy. The Council is responsible to the congregation for the administrative functions of the church. The full council meets regularly throughout the year. Council executive meets more often to assist in the day-to-day management of the church.

The council leadership for 2016 is:

Council Executive Name
Council Chair (vacant)
Vice Chair (vacant)
Recording Secretary Barbara Langton
Treasurer Liane Clark
Ministry & Personnel – Chair Leanne Prestwich
Property – Chair Larry McGill
CSD and Worship – Co-Chair Edeana Malcolm
CSD and Worship – Co-Chair  Marion Denton
Additional Members of Council Name
Recording Secretary  (vacant)
Children, Youth & Family (Advisory) – Co-Chair  Lorna Pritchard
Children, Youth & Family (Advisory) – Co-Chair  Kat Rainsberry
Communications/AV Sanctuary– Acting Co-Chair  Jim Anderson
Communications/AV Sanctuary– Co-Chair  Al Fowler
Epiphany Explorations – Chair  Emily MacDonald
Hospitality – Chair  Moira Nasim
Music Advisory – Chair  Joan Mason
Newcomers – Chair  David Prestwich
Outreach – Chair  Janet Gray
Spiritual Care & Wellness  Tom Attig
U.C.W. – Co-president  Joan Dowse
U.C.W. – Co-president  Marie McKee
Presbytery Representative  Al Fowler
Committees Reporting to Council Directly or Via Another Committee of Council Name
Archives – Co-Chair & Archivist Margery Hadley
Archives – C0-Chair Sharron Higgins
Library – Chair  Denise Holmen
Margaret Cameron Memorial Fund – Secretary  Pat Davey
Board of Trustees – Chair  Ken Johnston
Redevelopment – C0-Chair  Ross Breckon
Redevelopment – C0-Chair  Paul Jenkins
Transition Team – Chair  (vacant)
Lead Minister Review Team – Chair  John Newhouse
CYYAF Review Team – Chair  Cathe Wallace

To contact any of these individuals, please email or phone 250-388-5188 and your message including your contact information will be relayed to that individual who will respond to your message.