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Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

 On behalf of the Board, staff and volunteers here at First Metropolitan United Church, I want to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Season. The time of harvest is an ancient prompt for gratitude.

I want to start with an important acknowledgement: Long before those of us who are settlers and those who are descendants of settlers came to this land to live, there were people here. We acknowledge that many Nations of Indigenous people have lived on the land. We give thanks to this land, the territory of the Coast Salish peoples who offered thanks to the Creator and Great Spirit for millennia for this beautiful place.

Thanksgiving anchors us in Living in God and Living in Love. That is the basic lifestyle we seek to embrace as a community of faith. So many actions, especially in this fourth wave, have expressed that faith in action to our own community and the neighbourhoods around us, as well as globally connecting through the Mission and Service Fund.

Thank you for the inspirational gifts shared, through time and prayer, though financial donations and volunteer service and through telling the story of being a follower of the Way of Jesus.

It is great to welcome back some of the congregation on Sunday morning, to hear the choir and see people in the pews/chairs! I give thanks for each connection we can make these days, from snail mail to texts! Stay in touch, Take care, and God bless.


1 Chronicles 16:34: Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for God is good! For God’s mercy endures forever.