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First Metropolitan and Broad View United churches approve proposal to amalgamate

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We have a partnership among ministry staff, administrative staff and volunteer leaders to carry out our mission as a Centre of Spiritual Growth and Community Engagement. The governance of the church, carried out in accordance with the bylaws of the United Church of Canada, has five essential functions:

1. Policy development and accountability

2. Leadership development

3. Spiritual oversight

4. Church management

5. Property, trusts and investments

The congregation makes decisions on matters of policy. The Board is responsible to the congregation for the administrative functions of the church and meets regularly throughout the year.

Church Board   

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First Metropolitan United Church is governed by a Church Board made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair (currently vacant), Secretary and up to four other members elected annually by the Congregation. The Board's primary purpose is to discern direction and vision for the congregation. Individual Board members also provide direct links between the Board and Ministry Teams which carry out various functions within the Church.

 Board members: Edeana Malcolm, Chair

                            Larry Scott, Secretary

                            Ross Breckon, Treasurer

                            Emily MacDonald

                            Marketa Mellows

                            Linden Holmen 

Please access your church directory to contact Board members, call the First Met office at (250) 388-5188 or email [email protected].

First Met Foundation and Legacy Circle

Property Management Task Group

 The First Met Board has approved terms of reference for a new body to replace the Redevelopment Task Group - the Property Management Task Group (PMTG). The Terms of Reference provide a new mandate with three key features related to reducing the unsustainability of First Met:

1) leasing and letting;

2) property improvement in support of leasing and letting or supportable for other reasons;

3) property sales or redevelopment if such opportunities arise.

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Members of the PMTG: Linden Holmen (Chair), Ross Breckon, Peter Clugston, David Bray, Jan Drent, Rev. Cheryl Black, Bruce Davies (Building Supervisor)

Future Search Group

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Halo Report

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Strategic Plan 2020-2024

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2023 Minutes of Board and Congregational Meetings

2022 Minutes of Board and congregational meetings

Minutes of the First Met Foundation and Board of Trustees

2021 Minutes of the Board

2020 Minutes of the Board


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Annual Reports:

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