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Join us for the 2021 For the Love of Creation’s Fall Symposium! This gathering, an initiative of KAIROS Canada and more than 30 other organizations, will mark a key moment in our journey, in Canada’s climate plan, and in global climate action as we engage with COP 26 (November 2021).

We will hear the collective theological reflections in the Letter of the Faithful, learn about how our advocacy goals have evolved and engage with faith leaders, theologians, climate organizers including:

  • Sister Eva Solomon, CSJ
  • Councillor Christine Boyle, Vancouver City Council
  • Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat
  • Dr. David K. Goodin
  • Mueni Mutinda, Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  • Jennifer Preston, Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers) .. .and more!

Event fees have been set to help cover the costs of this event (Student: $5; Non-Student:$10). Please note that there is a barrier-free option ($0).

If you have any questions about this event, please email [email protected].  REGISTER NOW (see button below)!